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Welcome to The Empire Guys

It has been six months since The Empire Guys stumbled upon a fellow break room and had the silly notion that we could do this too. Well, we're doing it. This is our first blog post and really a shoutout to all those who've collectively made The Empire Guys more than our pet project. Without our customers, our new friends, this blog may be nothing more than a blank page. We're into Series 5 now with helmets and our snowball is rolling faster and growing bigger than we thought possible. A big thank you to everyone who built this mini-Empire and struggled with us on those one-helmet nights where we hoped a prayed one break would fill.

Our mission is to bring you the best product at the lowest price, with superior presentation. In so doing we will educate ourselves and our customers with the knowledge we garner through buying and selling, winning and losing, and navigating the waters of collectibles and memorabilia to create a worldwide community built on the firm foundation of character and integrity.

Posts to come:

1. What is this world of breaking?

2. Assessing "value" in a helmet, or in anything in general?

3. To Razz or to Break? that is the question

4. Authentications, does it matter?

5. Negotiating

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