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The eye of the beholder

As promised I wanted to address the topic of determining value and worth in buying and selling helmets (or anything really). The prices for a similar signed helmet, none are exactly alike, can vary so much depending on the seller, that finding a baseline as a buyer is tricky at best. Here are the guidelines I use to set that baseline. Keep in mind these tenants are based on my opinion and experience, but I do not deviate from them.

I will use autographed NFL helmets in my list of tenants since that is currently what The Empire Guys sell.

The Empire Guys, Tenants of Value

***First and foremost, remove ALL EMOTION from your decision

****Also note, this method is to determine our baseline price only!

1) What is my purpose in buying? or selling? This is the MOST important factor. If I'm the end user (collector) I do not have to work-in a profit margin. As a reseller, this option rarely comes into play, but nonetheless you need to know WHO YOU ARE in the buying/selling supply chain.

Collector: $75

Reseller: $0

2) What type of helmet is it? I start with the following values assuming the helmet is autographed by the least desirable player possible. I make no exceptions for this rule.

Standard Replicas $100.00

Speed Replicas $125.00

Pro-lines, Authentics, Chrome/Customs Replicas, Blaze: $200

Speed Authentics, Authentic Chromes: $275

Hydros, Speedflex, etc. $400+

3) Who signed it? This sounds obvious but this really matters.

Run-Of-The Mill player: add $25

Mid-level player: add $50

Superstar (still playing): add $100

Superstar (retired, non-hofer): add $75

HOFer (living): add $150

HOFer (deceased): add $200

the Untouchables (Brady, Walter Payton): add $ X. These decisions are made at #4

4) The X Factor. If there is a hot player, or someone that doesn't sign much, or someone that just got suspended (negative X factor), or a pending MVP or ROY, then your value changes.

Hot Player: add $75

Rare Signature: add $150-$250

Suspended: subtract $100

MVP/ROY type year: add $200

Also, none of this matters if you have a unicorn. Anything signed by Brady, Walter Payton, Reggie White, or the like is priced on a individual basis. I research at least 10 helmets of similar style and come up with my own X to add to my equation.

Unicorn: add $250-$1000

THE EQUATION: Who am I? + type of helmet + who signed it+ X factor+Unicorn


Who am I Reseller = $0

Type of helmet: Speed Replica = $125

Who signed it: Superstar (ex. Aaron Rodgers) = $100

X Factor: Hot player +$75

Aaron Rodgers Speed Replica = $300


Who am I Reseller = $0

Type of helmet: Speed Authentic = $275

Who signed it: Superstar (ex. Tom Brady) = $100

X Factor: Hot Player +$75

Unicorn: $500

Tom Brady Speed Authentic = $950


Who am I Reseller = $0

Type of helmet: Standard Replica = $100

Who signed it: Run of the mill (ex. Kevin White) = $25

X Factor: $0

Unicorn: $0

Kevin White Replica = $125


Who am I Reseller = $0

Type of helmet: Proline = $200

Who signed it: Superstar (ex. Saquon Barkley) = $100

X Factor: $200 (possible OROY)

Unicorn: $0

Saquon Barkley Proline = $500

In closing, whatever method you use to determine what something is worth and the monetary value to place on it, BE CONSISTENT. My method does not always work, there are certainly other factors to consider, but it is a starting point. It is consistent, and it has served us well.

The Empire Guys

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